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Save yourself from the onslaught of
the SPAM hordes with Ensnare!!!
Win the War Against Spam!!!
"As you read this 50% of all the email
currently sent on the Internet is SPAM!!! "

ZenWorx Software Labs
Announces Flagship Product!!!

July 12, 2006 - Zenworx Software Labs is proud to announce the new release of it flagship product Ensnare™ - The Spam Fighter vesion 3.0. Ensnare™ uses a combination of anti-Spam techniques to identify and eliminate Spam from multiple POP3 accounts.

Think Globally...
Outsource Locally...
with ZenWorx Software Labs!!!

More and more IT departments believe they can cut their development budgets by outsourcing offshore, particularly Bangalore, India. Unfortunately IT departments are sold on the reduced cost of development, but can't see the forest for the trees represented by culture differences and timely communication issues.

ZenWorx Software Labs is a local alternative, we provide an alternative to offshore development by offering similar development costs but with development occurring in the continental United States.

What is SPAM???
About 13 Billion eMails a Day!!!

SPAM is email that is unwanted and/or unsolicited by the recipient. Usually consisting of advertising everything from porn, viagra, online pharmacies, to mortgages, SPAM is responsible for more than 13 billion of the e-mail messages sent over the Internet per day.

50% Discount through July 31
was $14.95

The "Ensnare™ - The Spam Fighter" is now only

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ZenWorx Software Labs
Who are we?
ZenWorx Software Labs was founded in 1998 by a group of IT professionals who were disenchanted with the current direction that the industry was heading.
When the dot-com bubble did burst, our fears that the IT industry had made promises it couldn't keep were realized.

ZenWorx Software Labs strives to provide pragmatic solutions to today's technical problems. We work to deliver solutions to our customers and not additional billing revenue.
Other Anti-Spam Programs, a Warning...
Not all Anti-Spam programs are created equal. There are several techniques used to detect Spam and some are not as effective as others. Don't be lulled into a sense of security by some technical mumbo-jumbo, read about these techniques here: