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Save yourself from the onslaught of
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Ensnare™ - The Spam Fighter
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is a WhiteList ?
A. A WhiteList is a list of email addresses of those who are known to you that you want to receive email from, usually friends and family. Ensnare assumes that email from those on your WhiteList IS NOT spam and doesn't evaluate it.
Q. What is a BlackList ?
A. A BlackList is a list of email addresses of those who you do not want to receive any email from. Ensnare assumes that email from those on your BlackList IS spam and deals with it accordingly.
BlackLists should be used for specific individuals, such as that aquantaince from college who keeps forwarding you all those chain letters. BlackLists are not effective against spam email because the individuals that send spam rarely utilize the same address twice, so placing every spam from address into the BlackList ends up being a waste of time.
Q. What is the 'Delete if your address doesn't appear in the "To" filed' checkbox in eMail Account Info?
A. One of the easiest email filters to apply to fight spam is to check to see if the email contains your email address or one of your alias addresses specifically. A fair portion of spam email sent isn't even directly addressed to you, so this simple check can eliminate those quickly.
Q. What is an Alias ?
A. Alias are email addresses that you might be forwarding to a single address for convenience. This concept is commonly used by web site owners who might have multiple email addresses but only collect the email from a single account. The emails are still addressed to the separate accounts, but are retrieved through a separate account.
Q. How does Adaptive Statistical Filtering work?
A. Adaptive Statistical Filtering works under the concept that most spam is advertising some product and because it is advertising the email has its own particular style and language. This differentiation from normal everyday style and language is discernable through mathematical models that are able to recognize the patterns particular to advertising.
Ensnare is based on 30,000+ spam email that was collected over a year of time and analyzed for these patterns.