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"The Spam Fighter - Save yourself from the onslaught..."
Save yourself from the onslaught of
the SPAM hordes with Ensnare!!!
Win the War Against Spam!!!
"As you read this 50% of all the email
currently sent on the Internet is SPAM!!! "

What is SPAM???
About 13 Billion eMails a Day!!!

SPAM is email that is unwanted and/or unsolicited by the recipient. Usually consisting of advertising everything from porn, viagra, online pharmacies, to mortgages, SPAM is responsible for more than 13 billion of the e-mail messages sent over the Internet per day.

The Cost to You...
Several thousand per year!!!

The estimate cost of productivity that SPAM causes in just the United States alone is approximately $10 billion (Ferris Research) per year. Your slice of that pie on the average is about $3,000 a year of your time wasted dealing with SPAM. With the number of daily SPAM messages doubling every 18 months (Radicati Group) the cost will keep going up.

You can stop the onslaught!!!

Ensnare™ - The Spam Fighter monitors your POP3 accounts and checks mail as it is received for Spam. Ensnare identifies email that is SPAM through a combination of whitelists, blacklists, and an adaptive statistical filtering and place the identified SPAM messages in isolation for your later perusal and/or deletion. This frees up your regular email program to just receive the email you want it to receive.
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Don't let the Spammer's continue to waste your time and money!
Fight Back!
Through extensive analytical research we have developed a program in which automatically identifies incoming email whether or not is spam so you don't have to!
We have identified the optimal combination of anti-spam techniques that provides the greatest user flexibility without sacrificing efficiency!

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Ensnare™ - The Spam Fighter
What you get:

  • Monitor multiple POP3 accounts
  • Assign multiple aliases per account
  • Whitelists - identifies approved senders
  • Blacklist - identifies undesirable senders
  • Adaptive Statistical Filter - identifies email from the pre-analysis of over 100,000+ spam emails
  • Other Anti-Spam Programs, a Warning...
    Not all Anti-Spam programs are created equal. There are several techniques used to detect spam and some are not as effective as others. Don't be lulled into a sense of security by some technical mumbo-jumbo, read about these techniques here: