News Item: Manage your external dependencies in Java...
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Friday 24 February 2006 - 11:31:59

Frustrated in keeping track of what versions of what libraries you are utilizing for your project. Are you curious if there are any newer versions of you favorite open-source jar file?

Jayasoft has released Ivy 1.0, a free java based dependency manager, with powerful features such as transitive dependencies, ant integration, maven repository compatibility, continuous integration, html reports and more.

The Ivy CruiseControl Plugin provides continuous integration support, and the Ivy Eclipse UI offers Eclipse users help with writing ivy files. A public repository of common ivy files is also available.

Professional support is available from Jayasoft.

Future releases will include:

o Subversion Dependency Resolver to allow storage of dependencies in subversion.
o Ivy Eclipse Classpath, to allow use of ivy files as a library repository in Eclipse.

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