News Item: Keep FireFox from being a memory hog...
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Friday 24 February 2006 - 11:31:20

Unfortunately, for Firefox, the great alternative to Microsoft's IE, suffers from a nasty memory leak that over time will eat up a considerable amount of memory. This is how to fix it.

1. Open a new tab. Type "about:config" without quotes into the address bar and hit enter/click Go.

2. Right-click anywhere, select New, then Integer. In the dialog prompt that appears, type:

3. Click OK. Another dialog prompt will appear. This is where you decide how much memory to allocate to Firefox. This depends on how much RAM your computer has, but generally you don't want to allocate too little (under 8MB), but if you allocate too much, you might as well not do this. A good recommended setting is 16MB. If you want 16MB, enter this value into the dialog prompt:

(Why 16384 for 16Mb instead of 1600. Because the value is in kilobytes which there are 1024 kilobytes to a Megabyte. (i.e. For 16Meg: 16*1024k = 16384))

4. Click OK to close the dialog box, then close all Firefox windows and restart. You should see improvement on the amount of memory it takes up. Especially if you are visiting multiple sites at a time.

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