News Item: Verisign to exploit their monopoly once more...
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Posted by MC Oskowis
Friday 06 April 2007 - 15:36:45

Verisign decides to raise the wholesale price from $6.00 to $6.42, an increase by 7%. While in the same breath it was revealed that it costs Verisign as little as $0.14 a domain to manage them. Yes that is a staggering profit margin of 4500%, but not any different then the margins the pharmaceutical and petroleum consortium have been enjoying for a much longer period of time.

All because Verisign was smart enough to negotiate a contract with the naive (the only way I can rationalize it) ICANN back when the whole web browser was just start get traction. Talk about the proverbial cash cow, Verisign's little increase will net it $23 MM in profit.

Twenty three million reasons for them to do it again next year...

Verisign announces price increase on .COM and .NET domains
Ex INCANN Board Member say .COM costs are $0.14

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